wedding blues

so my dad is pretty tough.. he's a captain of a crab boat in alaska.. he was not looking forward to coming to ny for my wedding.. but he bucked up, threw together a sassy johnny cash style suit and came... he even wrote me a song.


love notes

boyfriend surprised me during our reception with a slideshow of wedding wishes slash congrats slash anything random! it was amazing.. he spent weeks cruising around to all of my friends and even soliciting these 'love notes' from strangers! 

(she's getting married this june!!)
(obsessed with twilight... don't judge me!) 
(not on my to do list anytime soon!)

in chinese...
in hindi... 
 in hungarian...
and of course.. kaegan, our caterer.. hilarious!  


dear jenna

thinking i want to start doing calligraphy... i had so much fun doing my own invites and now that the wedding is over i have a ton of time on my hands... hmmm.. i know its not swirly and girly but do you think people would want me to address their envelopes?!?


the best dang wedding DJ you'll ever find

 Michael Antonia, one of the masterminds behind the ever-so-cool Flashdance started a new project and loved our crashing invite so much we're post number one (well two.. number one was the intro) i'm so f'n flattered! 

is it spring yet

today is so nice.. its a short shorts and tights kinda day.. and if i didn't have so much to do i'd be out riding my bike... 

i did name my bike... but to be fair i pretty much name everything mcgillicutty...

photo by the ever so fab ezra... he brought mcgillicutty to life...

hearting guts

honored to have our crashing invite and engagement-y pics shouted out by esb... i know im not the only one with a secret crush on her... i can only hope that someday my blog is half as cool as hers... 

if you decide to crash our wedding, come say hi... i'll be the one in white...   


wedding crashers

one week count down to the big day!  we're keeping the official party to 80 leaving a ton of people off the guest list.. not cool.. so we invited everyone else to crash our wedding! our caterer, Stuart & Welch was totally on board! now i am so f-ing excited knowing that at the end of the night another 50 of our favorite people will roll in all sassed up and ready to dance!!  


battery park

i secretly have always loved shoe pics.. i suppose because you don't have to worry about double chins and closed eyes.. 
the other day was so beautiful in battery park... 


Brooklyn Bride!

Thanks to Vane over at Brooklyn Bride for posting my invites! Her blog has been one of my daily reads since bf and i were engaged... we are appropriately getting married in Brooklyn! In two weeks! 


i love my grandma

i also love color me katie who clearly loves her grandma very much... reading her posts and perusing her pics often makes me smile... her post the other day was no different.. but i did follow it up with a call to my grandma.. 

 check her out.. she is the most uplifting person- can we be friends please?!


speaking of le love

found this there and love it... obsession.. see what i'm saying?!
i made my own list... 

obsession... love

so im obsessed with love .. idk what it is.. the idea .. the feeling .. whatver.. but im obsessed and sort of always have been .. even before boyfriend... 
ellipsis writes about the love she feels... it makes me smile.. i only wish i could put the feelings on paper that way! 

i love her...
...even in the small things, like the first day of spring, an early text from her to say, "it's fucking snowing again?!" yes my love, it's snowing. fuck.  

found via le love ... another obsession btw!