pretty please.

what if i wanted an adult teepee.. is that really so bad?

what would i do with it?? i'd take naps in it of course.


great mistakes

"if we were a mistake it was like putting salt on chocolate."

desserts make me happy, and help me when i'm at a loss of words.



long time...

so its been awhile. two years, two months. 
the gist: 
i got unmarried, moved into a new apartment, was promoted, ate lots of dessert, took some amazing trips and now i'm back.
i haven't been completely off the grid btw 


too cozy to blog

been too busy with work..
too busy riding my motorcycle..
too cozy in my new apartment..


nan two

how could i forget to post our portrait?!!

from the oh so talented nan lawson

rip brodie



are you kidding me with this heat?!

bf and i took a mini trip to long island the other day.. motor cycle shopping.. batting cages.. a little bit of beach.. a lot of driving..


girls night out

yesterday bf sat with me while i got a pedicure*
we ate icecream and read cosmo
sometimes boyfriend is more like a girlfriend and i love it**

*i won't say whether or not he had his first pedi- i promised
**until he confesses to loving the 'percussion' mode on the massage chair because it makes everyones boobs shake out of control



i have a closet full of canvas totes.. seems to disregard the point of using canvas vs plastic but whatever.. they all come in handy at one time or another.
im thinking of adding another to my collection. but this would be like a daily use bag.. the baggu bag.. i love how simple it is.. and not paying moop prices for another canvas bag *
i just have to figure out a color..
im leaning towards plain canvas. obv.

*though i love their bags and will probably end up buying one



need some help picking out bedside tables..
leaning towards one or two even though three seems a little more legit

sad saturday

after a very tough week of visits to the vet and test after test after medicine after medicine, Brodie passed away Saturday night. Both our vet and the dr at the emergency clinic were only able to figure out that it was 'some oddball cancer'.. bf and i were curled up on the floor with him when it happened..



i never know what to have for dinner.. boyfriend and i are the worst deciders ever.. we don't eat at home often because we never know what to make!
all of my problems are solved... this is amazing!

website found via cup of jo



wtf spring?!
im freezing!!
im craving warmer weather.. i made a carrot cake this morning hoping it would trick me into feeling spring but i still needed a down coat to run out for tea..

87 on saturday, really?! fingers crossed..


we're in

done.. sort of.

the actual moving in went great.. my brother and boyfriend got it all done by the time i returned the zipcar and rode the scooter back over.. i unpacked everything in the first two days (the rain helped).. we ordered some new furniture to arrive friday.. washer dryer should be installed today or tomorrow.. internet went in yesterday (can't get our airport to work so im sitting on the floor next to the modem as i type this)

one major party foul.. brodie collapsed on floor 3 of our 4 floor walk up.. turns out he is 'very very sick' (as the dr wrote in his report) at this point we're not totally sure what it is.. treating for a severe case of worms and hoping for improvements in the next two weeks or he'll have to be hospitalized (at which time this girl will be sitting down with the boyfriend to see just how far we take it.. i've always been of the mindset that i can buy a fancy new dog for 2k.. we're halfway there..)



and so it begins

today is day one of the move..
we load everything into a truck, sleep on an air mattress in our empty apartment tonight and move in tomorrow morning...