ground support

i like to write things... i did the menu at ground support on spring and w broadway in soho..
thinking i ought to start writing more things ... make it more of a job and less of a hobby .. or at least a job slash hobby


elementary school

i know i know.. unhappy hipsters is everywhere right now but its fn hilarious
secretly i love every one of these places
and for the record these aren't hipsters

hipsters have a hard enough affording skinny jeans



i prefer dessert to any other meal.. seriously
i married michael because he lets me eat dessert before dinner
there once was a truck that parked on my way home from work and served the most delicious little desserts for a scant 5$ ea.. i'd be lying if i didn't say i often spent 10$
the truck was parked in august and i've been missing it ever since..

they just announced the opening of their new dessert shop in the les on friday and i am SO EXCITED!!


read the printed word

i'm all about this ... LOVE book smell and turning pages and love-note bookmarks*
i'm also really excited about this bookclub you speak of!

*more on that later



bf bought me a bra for xmas and i have to confess i returned it
i've never been a big bra person.. don't get me wrong, i wear a bra everyday (pretty much)
but i never got into the blowing loads of money on lingerie thing
nevertheless i put my credit towards a few bras (bf went big) and i am a changed woman
i can't help but ask everyone (read: husband and brother) how my boobs look

they look good. just sayin.


liz & jeff 2

so this is liz.. she is so fn cute.. her and i met awhile back when she asked me to do her wedding invites. Her and Jeff were married at the EcoTrust in Portland and had the most adorable wedding (featured on Once Wed)
Can we please talk about her photographer Ben Blood- LOVE!