bf bought me a bra for xmas and i have to confess i returned it
i've never been a big bra person.. don't get me wrong, i wear a bra everyday (pretty much)
but i never got into the blowing loads of money on lingerie thing
nevertheless i put my credit towards a few bras (bf went big) and i am a changed woman
i can't help but ask everyone (read: husband and brother) how my boobs look

they look good. just sayin.


theRachel said...


Liv Lundelius said...

hmmm its interesting. i never thought anyone out there doesn't love lingerie...
but now that i've been thinking about it, most of my friends aren't into it.
i always loved it and i feel really good wearing it. my bf likes it a lot too.
hm. you really returned it?
btw: i like the picture above