sore thumb

so we're in cali for our double date friends wedding... we flew into LA and drove a few hours north to Buellton (home of pea soup (??)) its a totally different vibe here!
im sitting in the hotel lobby now in my black (shirt, pants, blazer, beanie, macbook) surrounded by people in sun dresses and flip flops..
we're having a great time.. i love hotel sheets.. excited for the wedding tonight.. F'ing killer DJ Mark Antonia of the Flashdance will be rocking my world!



i have been cleaning the f out of our apartment! its been a wreck for a week but the sorting has come to an end and the pile for the goodwill has taken over what would be considered the foyer if this weren't a studio...
when i say nesting i really mean 'getting rid of all of boyfriends belongings i had no right to toss until my promotion'


today we laughed

the weather in nyc was amazing today.. rainy to start, sunny afternoon, fall all day.. LOVE.
bf and i met for dinner in soho and on our bike ride home we laughed.. we laughed our asses off... i don't even remember why but it was awesome.. im glad i have a really funny husband.. even if im usually the butt of his jokes.

oh and to top off today.. my new toms came! lace ups that i won't lace up.. how excited am i?!!
pic via tumblr.. tho i can't find it again for the life of me... sorry i f'd up on this one..


have i mentioned my brother is staying with us for a few months.. in our studio?
its been great- i love having him here but he went back to seattle for a few days and i'm enjoying having an empty house

i LOVE sleeping naked..


bike rage

today i flipped shit on a cab..
my brother and i were riding bikes.. the guy nearly sideswiped me.. i politely reminded him to watch our for bikes and he yelled at me...
i may have screamed at him
i may have screamed four letter words at him
i may have smacked his door a few times
i may have punched his window ... my titanium diamond ring is what really did the damage

i learned that screaming fuck you you fucking asshole while punching a car window in the middle of an intersection draws quite a crowd..

its been 3 years, what has ny done to me??


wine country wedding

our double date friends are getting married in santa rita hills in a couple weeks..
i picked up this little number from jcrew (in black) and am trying to figure out shoes and sass..
i want a pair of ankle booties but i don't think i'll be rocking them for the wedding..


sometimes i throw away dishes rather than do them...


do me a cookie

my friend jenny saw this pic and wanted a closer look....
instead of favors we had a cookie table.. a couple of friends and i made a ton of cookies and i stamped a million muslin bags... the caterers put it all out towards the end of the night...



today was a fat day.. that of course is a bad day because i felt fat all day...
after work i had 15 minutes to kill so i accidently went to jcrew and spent $400. f.
i've been looking at their new catalog every morning telling myself its to get inspired but it really just pisses me off.. i've donated most of my clothes and need to start from the ground up but who wants to buy new clothes when you're feeling fat?!

im going to bed.. i have to get up early for fitness (still trying to run)

via tumblr


french bullturtle

seriously.. i would never help it.. i would stare at it struggling all day because it is that fn cute.

mom always said

it only takes mascara to make you feel beautifuli have grown up thinking this and couldn't agree more... even the days i wake up feeling like shit, a little mascara goes a long way...
btw.. my fave is benefit bad gal lash.. picked up a new tube yesterday..



when i said i was momentarily obsessed i may have lied.. still obsessed, just out of books to read


i've been reading vampire books.
i was momentarily obsessed.. i read the entire true blood series
i won't let it happen again.. at least not without a heads up


i heart camper

i often run over to the burrito cart in front of camper.. never fails there's a wait and i end up with a pair of boots.. they're great burritos but i always feel a little guilty spending over $200 on lunch!

when looking for wedding shoes i know i'm supposed to look at kate and christian but i went over to camper and pretty much fell in love.. needless to say we all ended up in campers..