today was a fat day.. that of course is a bad day because i felt fat all day...
after work i had 15 minutes to kill so i accidently went to jcrew and spent $400. f.
i've been looking at their new catalog every morning telling myself its to get inspired but it really just pisses me off.. i've donated most of my clothes and need to start from the ground up but who wants to buy new clothes when you're feeling fat?!

im going to bed.. i have to get up early for fitness (still trying to run)

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theRachel said...

Hmm...i've been having some of these days lately, where the thought that comes to my mind when I have to get dressed in the morning is, "I have these pants, and those pants...but none of them fit. Augh."

Fitness it is...bike riding and yoga for me.

Jenny said...

I have that same J CREW problem!!!! Is there NOTHING on sale in that store? Spending $400 is pretty darn easy to do. Don't feel bad. And you're not fat. You're probably just getting your period!