bike rage

today i flipped shit on a cab..
my brother and i were riding bikes.. the guy nearly sideswiped me.. i politely reminded him to watch our for bikes and he yelled at me...
i may have screamed at him
i may have screamed four letter words at him
i may have smacked his door a few times
i may have punched his window ... my titanium diamond ring is what really did the damage

i learned that screaming fuck you you fucking asshole while punching a car window in the middle of an intersection draws quite a crowd..

its been 3 years, what has ny done to me??


Jenny said...


AshHole said...

Just wait until you start grabbing them by their neck's, or haymakering their rearview mirors into the intersection. You walk away knowing something about yourself, Joy, something you are strangely proud of. Gettin Hard Body in the streets girl!!

K said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Even after all the new bike lanes I feel like cab drivers still don't understand that it is for BIKERS not a passing lane or a sudden stopping lane to drop off fares/to almost kill me. Unbelievable.