candy day

happy halloween.. im heading to work, costumeless.. planning on coming home and picking up a bag of my favorite candies to handout slash eat.. which reminds me
trick or treating in an apartment building is lazy, right?
when i grew up we had to walk through neighborhood after neighborhood, freezing our asses off.. we really worked for our candy



im starting to get that overwhelmed feeling.. when you have so much to do and no time...
of course rather than get in gear and get things done i am lollygagging (thats a word right?) and looking at inspiring fall images.. suppose i should be looking at inspiring motivating images... like pictures of clean apartments with freshly painted ceilings and clean dogs, and stacks of thank you cards stamped for the mail, and organized kitchens... ok enough.. i need to get started on that to do list...


NOLA two

Heres a sneak of our trip... my iphone pics..and one i took from bf's camera..

and one he obv took..


I've been wanting to post pics from our New Orleans trip last weekend but im not allowed to post them until boyfriend has edited them.. f.
looking over the non edited pics i have to laugh because they're pretty much all me.. bf says im no good with his fancy camera and told me to stick to my iphone..



gf... hey bf wanna see some lingerie i like..
bf... aren't those granny panties?
gf... no, they're vintage
bf... wait like someone else wore them?

via cup of jo


6 months

today is our 6 month anniversary... i woke up thinking 44 months since the beginning but i suppose now that we're married i have to start counting from a different date...
who counts months anyway?!



i'm sort of craving a tutu.. i just asked for one for xmas..
perhaps i was meant to be a ballerina



what is the point of husbands if when im sick all i want is my mom?


dance hangover

last week boyfriend and i went to cali for our double date friends wedding.. we had a great time.. it was outdoor, on a vineyard, perfect weather, great ceremony, blah blah blah..
Michael Antonia was their DJ and he FUCKING ROCKED!

just sayin'

i regret not hiring him.. don't get me wrong.. boyfriend and i agree that our dj was awesome.. but Michael adds something.. aside from showing up sassed to the nines and looking 'DJ hot'.. he really puts thought into it.. this guy KNOWS HIS SHIT..

needless to say, from the first song he played to the last, boyfriend and i were on the dance floor (thank god their dessert table was also on the dancefloor) Bummed that it was all over someone slipped the driver The Flashdance promo disc and the party continued for our ride back to the hotel..

Despite my two day dance hangover i couldn't be more excited for the 19th when The Flashdance comes to NY! even boyfriend is excited...

btw, LOVE his advice on having a killer party for a wedding!


jeg er norske

i mentioned before that i was gutting the apartment.. now its time to pick out a few fun things...
after browsing paper hearts and cranes and seeing some fun dishes from scandinavian design i thought, im norwegian.. i need to check it out.. and i found two lamps i think i have to buy... f.