my friend nan

boyfriend and i went to nova scotia for my friend hillary's wedding (i call her nan)
despite being stuck with the girls and having me boss him around to take 'detail' shots i think he enjoyed it... and i think he did a great job..

boyfriend also makes a great mini bouquet holder...

pics via boyfriend



okay.. so theres something about being married that makes people always ask you when you'll have kids.. im really not planning on kids anytime soon.. like ANYtime soon... honestly it comes down to me being super selfish.. a. i want boyfriend to myself b. i want my money to myself c. i want my time to myself.. not necessarily in that order..

i may have come across one reason i would like to have a little friend...
matching outfits... love.

also.. i have to say i totally laughed out loud (not lol.. hate that) the other day during one of esb's tweets.. generally i try not to talk about 'tweets' in real life... but this sort of sums up my 'current' feelings of having a family...
D* asks me, "Do you have a family plan?" Without blinking, I retort, "Our plan is NOT to have a family." Yeah, he meant AT&T.


had to

i know these 'fallen princesses' are posted everywhere but i had to..
i find this to be such a cool project.. i can't decide which is my favorite slash most disturbing..



took the pic on the roof of boyfriends (ex) work.. it was a fun little photo shoot.. 
can we talk about me being ridiculously white..wow

loved the mini envelopes.. and had fun using the seal.. the stick wouldn't fit into my glue gun so i held the damn thing over a candle for each one

inside were the little cards.. yes, hand typed each card.. front and back.. that was a good 6 law and orders worth of typing.. 

engagement announcement

here was our first attempt at craftiness... we had fun with these.. and bf was a real good helper.. i can't believe how short his hair is but i suppose it was about a year ago! 

Mr & Mrs

Sent out the invites for our party in seattle next month...
had fun coming up with what to do for these invites.. we did our engagement announcement... save the date... invitation.. and i'm brainstorming for a thank you card! 
kept this one pretty simple.. but i like how it turned out..  
and of course theres a white balloon in the mini envelope.. 


slumber parties

bf and i stripped our bed before nova scotia last week
we've been sleeping on our twin size couch since we got home...
i like to think we were having slumber parties all week but i came home tonight to a made bed..
i guess bf had enough of slumber parties...

oh and in case anyone was wondering.. i was a good no soda drinker for that week.. and haven't drank any since.. now if i could only cut back on desserts.. f!

pic unknown



today i grabbed an ice cream cone from the Van Leeuwen truck before hopping on the train..
but i will never do it again...   
there really  just isn't an innocent way to eat it... and i had way too many eyes on me for a day i didn't wear mascara.

pic via .v



probably one of my favorite pictures of my dad...  
he's the captain of the new boat in the deadliest catch fleet
tuesdays at 9est.. discovery channel 


can we talk about how fn great this couple is... this may be one of my favorite weddings... 
love this girl.. can we please be friends.. 

what will a dollar get me?!

 more pics on photog Josh Goleman's blog


Nova Scotia

boyfriend and i are in nova scotia... were having a lovely romantic getaway and on sunday my friend gets married..   
things i've learned about canada so far..
... they love the toyota yaris.. 
... they're awesome about not only recycling but composting.. love it
... they really do say 'aboot'



i think im a bit obsessed with studs right now.. 
not just any studs..
but tough studs on something fairly dainty slash girly.. 
loving this jacket.. via le fashion
bought these little friends a bit ago. 
perhaps obsession is too strong a word but im really digging them..  


still my biggest problem...

btw.. i decided on my first goal... no soda for a week.. im not usually a big soda drinker but i have been craving shirley temples [as if i were six] and i don't like tummy aches.. so no soda.. not even shirleys.. not even one.. for a week.. maybe longer...  

now i have to figure out wtf im going to wear today.. seems like a dress and wellies kind of day..