the big show...

i have been excited about making the invites from the beginning... bf and i had a ton of fun making our engagement announcements and save the dates (pics to come) i knew i wanted to letterpress the invites myself so i took a workshop at the arm in Brooklyn... after we came up with the idea, i put it all together using illustrator and sent the template away to have a polymer plate made... when i had it all ready to go i went back to the arm and pressed them all- so fun! we came up with the idea one night after seeing some movie preview... bf starting mimicking the voice of the announcer and rambled on about bf and gf starring in their own wedding- it was hilarious so we ran with it.. 
we made the RSVP's into postcards to reduce the amount of paper... we ended up getting fun little notes back from everyone who took advantage of the extra space on the back side.. 

bf came up with the idea to use a grommet for the dot in 'dot com'... secretly i think he loves using my grommet gun! 

finished product... we tied them up with some black hemp and added a sprig of lavender.. i love lavender and plan on having a ton at our wedding!

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MaryKat said...

hey, we're thinking of doing our own letterpress as well at the arm! Tell me, what's it like? Really hard? Time consuming? Do they have many font or graphic choices? Curious minds want to know!

Mary at blushandbashfulbride.blogspot.com