"engagement" shoot

when i say engagement shoot i mean that we actually got married.. at city hall.. but aren't counting it.. for me it won't really be official until our wedding April 22!
we decided to use the day as an excuse to get to know our awesome photographer kim craven
it was the first day of spring and snowing here in the city.. so despite being all gussied up we stayed in our coats for most of it!

a peek of my lil white dress... 

a great etsy find... love Avril Loreti!
 kim has more posted on her blog... im sure i'll post more soon... and only three and a half weeks until the big day... (officially)


didi said...

sweet photos, congrats!

me melodia said...

These are so sweet and real.

I found you via ESB and I love these shots.

Laura said...

Ah, New York! I'm getting married/doing engagement photos in Arkansas (it's where I'm from), but we're also doing a separate engagement shoot in NYC. How could we not?

kat said...

i love these and i love your hairband!