round two

i made another batch of cake pops ..
ever since i started working with a trainer i've been baking like crazy..
i guess i figure if everyone around me gets fat it'll make me feel like im seeing results faster

recipe here, deconstructed of course

swim again

i guess all this fitness is making me think of swim suits...
can normal people wear a suit like this?



my dads mom (i guess that makes her my grandma) died right before i was born.. my mom felt sorry for him (obv) and wanted to name me after her.. beverly
umm.. no
so she went with her middle name.

boyfriend has taken to calling my alter ego beverly.. oh he is so funny...
occasionally beverly is a total bitch and likes to pick fights when the dishes aren't done or someone shoves an umbrella in her eye.. but for the most part she just cries..
fuck beverly



this is brodie.. he turned seven this month.. boyfriend adopted him out of a saks 5th ave window when he was two months old..
we don't know what he's made of but we call him the goat because he can (and does) eat everything... in the last week he's eaten a jar of peanut butter (including most of the plastic jar), a bag of dried cranberries, an oatmeal cookie, several tampons, a cup of olive oil, and a couple cake pops... and he only threw up once
this is him apologizing and replacing my knitting needles he ate .. while a nearly finished hat was attached...
this is him taking up more room on the bed than i do... he's no longer allowed to sleep on my side of the bed..

cake pops

yesterday i got a little crazy with red velvet cake and ended up with cake pops..
i think i can really get behind these.. a little labor intensive but cooler than cupcakes, great for portion control, and fn delicious...

and if you can't control how much you eat you can always shove the stick down your throat and launch...
brodie was trying to snag one all day...

frosting... 1 pkg cream cheese... 1 stick unsalted butter... dash vanilla... handful (or two) powdered sugar


not your average cupcake

last week while on the treadmill i watched martha make meringue cupcakes.. thinking it would make a good valentines day dessert i went home and made them... i'd never made meringue before and though it was fun it had to bake for 3 hours.. 3 HOURS!
i don't have that sort of patience when it comes to dessert..

meringue cupcakes... i didn't make them pink
raspberry curd... i didn't strain the seeds
whipped cream... heavy cream... dash of vanilla... handful of powdered sugar


too many ones

last year i ordered a one piece.. then i ordered three more.. who needs four one piece suits?!
thinking a two piece is in order.. i may just be too white for a two piece though..

when i say i am white i mean i am really really white.. 70spf white


sometimes i like to make cards

my parents just celebrated their 28 year anniversary.. only having nine months under my belt its hard to picture us together in 27 years .. i will be twice my age then..
question is, after 27 years when my hot asian husband hasn't aged a day is he still gonna be into me??



i liked my boyfriend all day today...
i can't say the same for the last 3 times this holiday has rolled around but i think being a husband has really helped him..
happy valentines day.