saying goodbye

my great grandma isn't doing too well.. im sitting here writing out my
holiday slash thank you cards (yes, im a negligent bride) but feel like
i need to include more than just thank you and happy holidays...
how do you say goodbye to someone when you don't know when
they're leaving?
norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø


Happy Thanksgiving

Today i'm lazy.. and loving it..
Its the first day off bf and i have had together in idk how long..
i've got a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven now.. about to take a nap and then heading to harlem for an orphans dinner at my friend nan's house


and so it begins

i got up this morning and went running
ugh. im beat


week 1

its been a week since i set my goal of running the marathon
im proud to say i woke up early everyday to go running
i didn't
but waking up early is a start

this week i'll shoot for some running

via ??


done and done

yesterday i was on a mission
i hung shelves, bought cleaning supplies for annabella (total chore, i don't wish mop shopping on anyone!), took my bag of change to coinstar and walked away with over $100, baked a pie (and ate it), bought a desk, built a desk and went to a birthday party in harlem...

i now have a little office set up.. i don't NEED an office but i WANT one.. granted im in a studio so by office i mean wall..

via an fn amazing photoshoot..



today i met someone who will change my life...
Annabella is my new (first!) cleaning lady... i am so FN excited
so what if i have a studio! don't judge me.. im a busy girl.. and turns out, an awful housewife!

now off to buy all of her fave cleaning supplies! im keeping this woman happy!


Sunday Wedding

we went to the Ace Hotel a few weeks ago to see the Flashdance and had a blast.. it was also our first smilebooth experience. awesome.. its easy to go a little out of control with the remote.. and i have to laugh at this photo because i look wasted! (i don't drink, shhh!)

we met some fun people.. including... these two from sweet little photographs love this shot of their ring fingers!

Brian.. who does all of the killer 8mm videos..

anne marie from perfect bound

vane from Brooklyn Bride

and spent a ton of time chatting it up with chuck dong of instant dong who is an fn riot and took fun polaroids for the night..

can we talk about bf looking like an asian fabio?!


next year

im running the marathon
every year i feel motivated to do it but this year i will.. really.

via this image has been deleted however....


candy day

happy halloween.. im heading to work, costumeless.. planning on coming home and picking up a bag of my favorite candies to handout slash eat.. which reminds me
trick or treating in an apartment building is lazy, right?
when i grew up we had to walk through neighborhood after neighborhood, freezing our asses off.. we really worked for our candy



im starting to get that overwhelmed feeling.. when you have so much to do and no time...
of course rather than get in gear and get things done i am lollygagging (thats a word right?) and looking at inspiring fall images.. suppose i should be looking at inspiring motivating images... like pictures of clean apartments with freshly painted ceilings and clean dogs, and stacks of thank you cards stamped for the mail, and organized kitchens... ok enough.. i need to get started on that to do list...


NOLA two

Heres a sneak of our trip... my iphone pics..and one i took from bf's camera..

and one he obv took..


I've been wanting to post pics from our New Orleans trip last weekend but im not allowed to post them until boyfriend has edited them.. f.
looking over the non edited pics i have to laugh because they're pretty much all me.. bf says im no good with his fancy camera and told me to stick to my iphone..



gf... hey bf wanna see some lingerie i like..
bf... aren't those granny panties?
gf... no, they're vintage
bf... wait like someone else wore them?

via cup of jo


6 months

today is our 6 month anniversary... i woke up thinking 44 months since the beginning but i suppose now that we're married i have to start counting from a different date...
who counts months anyway?!



i'm sort of craving a tutu.. i just asked for one for xmas..
perhaps i was meant to be a ballerina



what is the point of husbands if when im sick all i want is my mom?


dance hangover

last week boyfriend and i went to cali for our double date friends wedding.. we had a great time.. it was outdoor, on a vineyard, perfect weather, great ceremony, blah blah blah..
Michael Antonia was their DJ and he FUCKING ROCKED!

just sayin'

i regret not hiring him.. don't get me wrong.. boyfriend and i agree that our dj was awesome.. but Michael adds something.. aside from showing up sassed to the nines and looking 'DJ hot'.. he really puts thought into it.. this guy KNOWS HIS SHIT..

needless to say, from the first song he played to the last, boyfriend and i were on the dance floor (thank god their dessert table was also on the dancefloor) Bummed that it was all over someone slipped the driver The Flashdance promo disc and the party continued for our ride back to the hotel..

Despite my two day dance hangover i couldn't be more excited for the 19th when The Flashdance comes to NY! even boyfriend is excited...

btw, LOVE his advice on having a killer party for a wedding!


jeg er norske

i mentioned before that i was gutting the apartment.. now its time to pick out a few fun things...
after browsing paper hearts and cranes and seeing some fun dishes from scandinavian design i thought, im norwegian.. i need to check it out.. and i found two lamps i think i have to buy... f.


sore thumb

so we're in cali for our double date friends wedding... we flew into LA and drove a few hours north to Buellton (home of pea soup (??)) its a totally different vibe here!
im sitting in the hotel lobby now in my black (shirt, pants, blazer, beanie, macbook) surrounded by people in sun dresses and flip flops..
we're having a great time.. i love hotel sheets.. excited for the wedding tonight.. F'ing killer DJ Mark Antonia of the Flashdance will be rocking my world!



i have been cleaning the f out of our apartment! its been a wreck for a week but the sorting has come to an end and the pile for the goodwill has taken over what would be considered the foyer if this weren't a studio...
when i say nesting i really mean 'getting rid of all of boyfriends belongings i had no right to toss until my promotion'


today we laughed

the weather in nyc was amazing today.. rainy to start, sunny afternoon, fall all day.. LOVE.
bf and i met for dinner in soho and on our bike ride home we laughed.. we laughed our asses off... i don't even remember why but it was awesome.. im glad i have a really funny husband.. even if im usually the butt of his jokes.

oh and to top off today.. my new toms came! lace ups that i won't lace up.. how excited am i?!!
pic via tumblr.. tho i can't find it again for the life of me... sorry i f'd up on this one..


have i mentioned my brother is staying with us for a few months.. in our studio?
its been great- i love having him here but he went back to seattle for a few days and i'm enjoying having an empty house

i LOVE sleeping naked..


bike rage

today i flipped shit on a cab..
my brother and i were riding bikes.. the guy nearly sideswiped me.. i politely reminded him to watch our for bikes and he yelled at me...
i may have screamed at him
i may have screamed four letter words at him
i may have smacked his door a few times
i may have punched his window ... my titanium diamond ring is what really did the damage

i learned that screaming fuck you you fucking asshole while punching a car window in the middle of an intersection draws quite a crowd..

its been 3 years, what has ny done to me??


wine country wedding

our double date friends are getting married in santa rita hills in a couple weeks..
i picked up this little number from jcrew (in black) and am trying to figure out shoes and sass..
i want a pair of ankle booties but i don't think i'll be rocking them for the wedding..