Happy Thanksgiving

Today i'm lazy.. and loving it..
Its the first day off bf and i have had together in idk how long..
i've got a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven now.. about to take a nap and then heading to harlem for an orphans dinner at my friend nan's house


and so it begins

i got up this morning and went running
ugh. im beat


week 1

its been a week since i set my goal of running the marathon
im proud to say i woke up early everyday to go running
i didn't
but waking up early is a start

this week i'll shoot for some running

via ??


done and done

yesterday i was on a mission
i hung shelves, bought cleaning supplies for annabella (total chore, i don't wish mop shopping on anyone!), took my bag of change to coinstar and walked away with over $100, baked a pie (and ate it), bought a desk, built a desk and went to a birthday party in harlem...

i now have a little office set up.. i don't NEED an office but i WANT one.. granted im in a studio so by office i mean wall..

via an fn amazing photoshoot..



today i met someone who will change my life...
Annabella is my new (first!) cleaning lady... i am so FN excited
so what if i have a studio! don't judge me.. im a busy girl.. and turns out, an awful housewife!

now off to buy all of her fave cleaning supplies! im keeping this woman happy!


Sunday Wedding

we went to the Ace Hotel a few weeks ago to see the Flashdance and had a blast.. it was also our first smilebooth experience. awesome.. its easy to go a little out of control with the remote.. and i have to laugh at this photo because i look wasted! (i don't drink, shhh!)

we met some fun people.. including... these two from sweet little photographs love this shot of their ring fingers!

Brian.. who does all of the killer 8mm videos..

anne marie from perfect bound

vane from Brooklyn Bride

and spent a ton of time chatting it up with chuck dong of instant dong who is an fn riot and took fun polaroids for the night..

can we talk about bf looking like an asian fabio?!


next year

im running the marathon
every year i feel motivated to do it but this year i will.. really.

via this image has been deleted however....