im home

had such a good trip.. but now that im back in the city i am so glad..


liz & jeff

liz emailed me awhile back about hand lettering her invites.. due to timing i addressed labels rather than her envelopes and overnighted them to her.. they made it, she loved them, and they look awesome! they were featured on Brooklyn Bride today! congrats to liz and jeff on their upcoming wedding!! ive been hearing about the details for the last few months and can't wait for pics!

as you can see liz is totally talented and incredibly fun to get to know... im sure if you asked nicely she would help out with stds or invites or business cards or whatever!!

and email me if you're looking for some non traditional hand lettering!



out of here

im leaving in a few hours for seattle... we're having our 'party at papas' for all of the family that didn't make it out to NY for the wedding.. then over to eastern washington to spend a week on a lake water skiing, rocking 70 spf, and relaxing...


got em... haven't even had a chance to look through them all (just under 1000! F!)


ive mentioned my dad is on deadliest catch.. pretty cool.. he's named me president of the shoomamas so i've been super busy starting a fan club and getting a tshirt together... they're going to press now- needed them to be ready for dad to take to Sturgis in a couple weeks...


ginny is cool

ginny seems to be pretty fn cool.. at least her wedding was rad.. and her blog is fun...
love photobooths..
love her head piece. can i please get one?!
they all went out! i love it.. the hats, headbands.. so fun!


this is what i'm saying about masks! theres totally a market.. i have to get on this.. asap.
bride and groom masks.. hilarious! btw this is my new best friend.. well not yet, but she seems rad.. i'll post some of her wedding later.. love!


a million eternities

who is narisa? and is this a threat?!
found it a block from my house..

out with the old

gradually getting rid of all of boyfriends furniture.
thinking this could be a nice little addition...

its not that i hate the black leather couch, but...
well, no, it is. i hate it.


fun things

some random things i want..

clever... and the state i was born in is smack dab in the center.. huge!
speaking of.. can we talk about that c word resigning?!?!.. le smile!

so fn cute...

i've sort of always wanted to design fun face masks.. i may have to get this one.. for shits.. and i may get a box of blanks to start making my own.. stay tuned for custom mouthfulofjoy masks



i go through phases of being totally into yoga, i commute by bike, and i live in NYC.. enough said right?!
i've gained three-ish pounds since the wedding..
without wedding stress to keep me slim i have to do something else.. and its too hot for bikram
so i've started running... ugh.. hate it
but im doing a good job.. i go home in 2 weeks.. im going to see if i can get myself to 'like' it before i go..
i suppose this is another goal

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