i go through phases of being totally into yoga, i commute by bike, and i live in NYC.. enough said right?!
i've gained three-ish pounds since the wedding..
without wedding stress to keep me slim i have to do something else.. and its too hot for bikram
so i've started running... ugh.. hate it
but im doing a good job.. i go home in 2 weeks.. im going to see if i can get myself to 'like' it before i go..
i suppose this is another goal

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theRachel said...

I feel similarly about running. Augh. However, I'm not forcing myself to do it. I do need to purchase a new bicycle so that I can get back to riding to work (my bike was stolen awhile ago...)

Jenny said...

I HATE RUNNING. There, i said it. Remember how crazy I used to be, running all over town drinking my sugar free americanos with FAT FREE HALF and HALF? Glad those days are over.

We should grab coffee when you're in town.
Or go for a run...

east side bride said...

I'm trying to love running myself. I mean, IT'S FREE.