Avril Loreti

Bf and I are super excited that Avril has posted our mustache pic on her blog... you must check out her etsy shop.. full of the most clever hankies.. coasters.. napkins.. you'll love it all! 

some of my faves...

..because i want to paint my whole house in chalkboard paint and write bf love letters on all of the walls!
this is what i mean by clever... so cute! 
and because i love to bake.. i heart my kitchen aid!


bf's pics

he brought along his Pentax K1000... such a cool camera.. i love the look of film...

in the cab.. i was practicing my new signature on the foggy window...

our witness tom... he will be the one to marry us at our real wedding... he wears bow ties!!

"engagement" shoot

when i say engagement shoot i mean that we actually got married.. at city hall.. but aren't counting it.. for me it won't really be official until our wedding April 22!
we decided to use the day as an excuse to get to know our awesome photographer kim craven
it was the first day of spring and snowing here in the city.. so despite being all gussied up we stayed in our coats for most of it!

a peek of my lil white dress... 

a great etsy find... love Avril Loreti!
 kim has more posted on her blog... im sure i'll post more soon... and only three and a half weeks until the big day... (officially)


the big show...

i have been excited about making the invites from the beginning... bf and i had a ton of fun making our engagement announcements and save the dates (pics to come) i knew i wanted to letterpress the invites myself so i took a workshop at the arm in Brooklyn... after we came up with the idea, i put it all together using illustrator and sent the template away to have a polymer plate made... when i had it all ready to go i went back to the arm and pressed them all- so fun! we came up with the idea one night after seeing some movie preview... bf starting mimicking the voice of the announcer and rambled on about bf and gf starring in their own wedding- it was hilarious so we ran with it.. 
we made the RSVP's into postcards to reduce the amount of paper... we ended up getting fun little notes back from everyone who took advantage of the extra space on the back side.. 

bf came up with the idea to use a grommet for the dot in 'dot com'... secretly i think he loves using my grommet gun! 

finished product... we tied them up with some black hemp and added a sprig of lavender.. i love lavender and plan on having a ton at our wedding!



i realized i haven't mentioned that i'm getting married in april.. on earth day, the 22nd! 
today we met up with our photographer, kim craven in TriBeCa for a photoshoot! today is the first day of spring and we woke up to snow, WTF! 
so far one shot.. more to come.... 


I need plants

Today I'm painting the apartment.. well finishing.. i started months ago.. i've been putting off the ceiling and trim.. yuck! I cam across this lovely kitchen via CUP OF JO and feel inspired... now to starbucks for a cup of jo to get me started! 


hugging toilets

have you ever had a night where you just needed to cry.. when i need a good cry i clean the bathroom... like really scrub it, not your average 'i just shaved my legs' scrub.. tonight i used a screwdriver on the grout when the toothbrush wasn't cutting it... i like to think this makes sense because its not a fun chore and id rather it top off  an awful day than ruin a good one... but then tonight, for the brief minute i wrapped my arms around the toilet bowl to scrub the floor behind it i realized i may subconsciously find comfort in that cold hug..   


its a little bit funny

i realized.. after posting about a paper bag that i created this thing some time ago.. so what about a leather slash paper bag finally prompted me to get started.. idk.. its a great bag, yes.. and i do tweet occasionally now which has created a need to compile things i tweet about.. i suppose.. but now im just rambling.. i'll stop now.. and set up some ground rules shortly..  

grocery shopping

I think i just have to have this.. i love it.. I've been needing a great bag.. not what i had in mind but it totally counts... via ohjoy