i have a closet full of canvas totes.. seems to disregard the point of using canvas vs plastic but whatever.. they all come in handy at one time or another.
im thinking of adding another to my collection. but this would be like a daily use bag.. the baggu bag.. i love how simple it is.. and not paying moop prices for another canvas bag *
i just have to figure out a color..
im leaning towards plain canvas. obv.

*though i love their bags and will probably end up buying one



need some help picking out bedside tables..
leaning towards one or two even though three seems a little more legit

sad saturday

after a very tough week of visits to the vet and test after test after medicine after medicine, Brodie passed away Saturday night. Both our vet and the dr at the emergency clinic were only able to figure out that it was 'some oddball cancer'.. bf and i were curled up on the floor with him when it happened..



i never know what to have for dinner.. boyfriend and i are the worst deciders ever.. we don't eat at home often because we never know what to make!
all of my problems are solved... this is amazing!

website found via cup of jo