liz & jeff

liz emailed me awhile back about hand lettering her invites.. due to timing i addressed labels rather than her envelopes and overnighted them to her.. they made it, she loved them, and they look awesome! they were featured on Brooklyn Bride today! congrats to liz and jeff on their upcoming wedding!! ive been hearing about the details for the last few months and can't wait for pics!

as you can see liz is totally talented and incredibly fun to get to know... im sure if you asked nicely she would help out with stds or invites or business cards or whatever!!

and email me if you're looking for some non traditional hand lettering!



liz said...

Hey girl you are the best! I am so glad that you did our calligraphy, they turned out so amazing!! I know people will be so happy if they have you do their wedding suite calligraphy! Your gift and wedding invite are coming next week! Talk to you when your back!! THANKS AGAIN, YOU ROCK!!!!!

Liv Lundelius said...

i like!