Sunday Wedding

we went to the Ace Hotel a few weeks ago to see the Flashdance and had a blast.. it was also our first smilebooth experience. awesome.. its easy to go a little out of control with the remote.. and i have to laugh at this photo because i look wasted! (i don't drink, shhh!)

we met some fun people.. including... these two from sweet little photographs love this shot of their ring fingers!

Brian.. who does all of the killer 8mm videos..

anne marie from perfect bound

vane from Brooklyn Bride

and spent a ton of time chatting it up with chuck dong of instant dong who is an fn riot and took fun polaroids for the night..

can we talk about bf looking like an asian fabio?!


practical, schmactical. said...

your jacket is ADORABLE!

JOY said...

thanks! its my gstar trench.. i don't know how id survive fall without it!