dance hangover

last week boyfriend and i went to cali for our double date friends wedding.. we had a great time.. it was outdoor, on a vineyard, perfect weather, great ceremony, blah blah blah..
Michael Antonia was their DJ and he FUCKING ROCKED!

just sayin'

i regret not hiring him.. don't get me wrong.. boyfriend and i agree that our dj was awesome.. but Michael adds something.. aside from showing up sassed to the nines and looking 'DJ hot'.. he really puts thought into it.. this guy KNOWS HIS SHIT..

needless to say, from the first song he played to the last, boyfriend and i were on the dance floor (thank god their dessert table was also on the dancefloor) Bummed that it was all over someone slipped the driver The Flashdance promo disc and the party continued for our ride back to the hotel..

Despite my two day dance hangover i couldn't be more excited for the 19th when The Flashdance comes to NY! even boyfriend is excited...

btw, LOVE his advice on having a killer party for a wedding!