gf... hey bf wanna see some lingerie i like..
bf... aren't those granny panties?
gf... no, they're vintage
bf... wait like someone else wore them?

via cup of jo


practical, schmactical. said...

sounds like my bf. he just doesn't get it, but i think i would be suspicious of him if he did though....

thanks for the kind words on my page! p.s. loving those studded ballerina flats way back in your bloggage that i found in my stalkage, i think i'm going to make them <3

theRachel said...

Hmm. Did someone else really wear them? I guess if you're ok with it, I'm ok with it ;-)

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Hahaha! This is hysterical. I like them! I'm sure my fiance would have a hard time understanding though... Hope you had a great weekend. Where The Wild Things Are was like a compilation of music videos---and I loved it! Must to buy the soundtrack.
XXX Kate

east side bride said...

when I modeled my romper for H-town this summer he said it looked like grandpa's long underwear. not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.