today we laughed

the weather in nyc was amazing today.. rainy to start, sunny afternoon, fall all day.. LOVE.
bf and i met for dinner in soho and on our bike ride home we laughed.. we laughed our asses off... i don't even remember why but it was awesome.. im glad i have a really funny husband.. even if im usually the butt of his jokes.

oh and to top off today.. my new toms came! lace ups that i won't lace up.. how excited am i?!!
pic via tumblr.. tho i can't find it again for the life of me... sorry i f'd up on this one..

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iheartkiwi said...

i totally just got some new white toms for dental school... if we have to wear boring white shoes they might as well be for a good cause!

so jealous of your lace ups.