this is brodie.. he turned seven this month.. boyfriend adopted him out of a saks 5th ave window when he was two months old..
we don't know what he's made of but we call him the goat because he can (and does) eat everything... in the last week he's eaten a jar of peanut butter (including most of the plastic jar), a bag of dried cranberries, an oatmeal cookie, several tampons, a cup of olive oil, and a couple cake pops... and he only threw up once
this is him apologizing and replacing my knitting needles he ate .. while a nearly finished hat was attached...
this is him taking up more room on the bed than i do... he's no longer allowed to sleep on my side of the bed..

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east side bride said...

BRODIE!! I ♥ brodie.

also, NICE ASS, lady!!