Perfect Day


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Earlier this week Naturally Nina asked about our idea of a Perfect Day... It was the greatest post and had me thinking the last two days..    

so i've been trying to come up with mine... as i was dreaming up this day i realized everything i was thinking up happens all of the time.. perhaps im just not creative.. or i have low standards for a perfect day... i just wasn't sure how far to take it... maybe i need to think about it longer but for now here is my 'perfect day' or at least a really great day... 

i wake up fairly early but all by myself.. no alarm (secretly i hate sleeping in too much i feel like i blow a whole day)

did i mention its my day off... 

i spend some time checking my fave blogs while

 boyfriend walks the dog and picks up the house  

i ride bikes with boyfriend to tea and sympathy for a pot of english breakfast and scones with clotted cream and jam 

oh and its a beautiful day.. not crazy humid and im wearing short shorts and tights 

boyfriend surprises me at breakfast with book 5 of twilight and a key to gramercy park so i grab a blanket and lay in the park reading slash napping for a few hours

boyfriend swings by with a bread and cheese picnic 

we ride to soho for a lemonade from olives and pop into the camper store

the camper crew show me their new Bernhard Willhelm - Camper collabo shoes i love them and buy them! 


we drop our bikes off at home, hop on the scooter and head out to West Hampton beach to a super cute B&B

we take a quick swim and head into town to find breakfast for dinner... i have french toast with sugar (regular not powdered) instead of maple syrup... 

on our way back to the B&B we walk past the Dessert Truck..they just happen to be out of the city for an event so i get the chocolate bread pudding and the coffee mousse (yes, two desserts) no stink eye from boyfriend

we get back, hop into bed, watch an episode or two of law & order (without commercials, except the super cute new prius one) and asleep by 1030!

idk if all that really fits timing wise into one day but whatever.. its my really great day..   

to be perfect i suppose edward cullen is in T&S and picks up my tab (could happen, it IS a British place)... the camper crew could GIVE me the shoes for being such a stellar customer.. my grandpa could call at the end of the night to say he finally booked the trip to Norway we've always talked about to meet the rest of the family... i could wear my wedding dress at some point during the day... it could be a no car day in NY so i can ride my bike on the yellow lines... i could have a french bulldog puppy in my bike basket all day... 

ok enough... that was fun.. now im off to tea and sympathy for a pot of english breakfast and scones with clotted cream and jam..  


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theRachel said...

Ohhhhh scones with clotted cream and jam. So good. The Brits have got that cornered.

And Campers. Joy, you should come to Spain - the land of Campers. And when you are in Barcelona, you MUST stay at Casa Camper (the hotel that Camper built). So good.