rather than have bridesmaids and groomsmen we had people...

boyfriend stood with two of his closest friends, steven who lives here in the city and teddy who lives in chicago with his wife and 2 boys..
stevens dad is so fn cute!.. core NY'er.. he picked out all of the wine for the wedding!

hillary and amy were two friends in the city who i knew would be a big part of the planning and execution of the whole thing- it made sense that they be my people.. during the 9 months leading up to the wedding we all went through a ton together and i can truly say that now they are both very close friends of mine

they both picked their dresses from jcrew.. so cute and very perfect for each of them.. they picked out matching tights which totally made it! and hill threw on a little piece of lace morning of to doll up a bit.. they were beautiful!


theRachel said...

I like your concept of "having people." I am also glad for you that you are still friends with said people who were so involved with the wedding...you know, all the stress, etc., might not be the case for all!

I also love that your ladies picked out dresses from j.crew - remember the good ol' days?

iheartkiwi said...

awesome. i have a sister of honor and kiwi has a brother of honor... no giant entourage. just the people we love sharing the special day with us.

thanks for the info on the plates! it's so hard to find eco chic and cheap!

p.s. your wedding really did rock.