coming out of hiding

ya i've been mia i know.. heres what i've been up to
gym like crazy.. i got a trainer.. its been awesome. (as awesome as the gym can be)
we're selling our apartment.. bf and i have been tossing everything! spring cleaning to the next level.. its like a colonic for our apartment
looking for a new place in the meantime.. we're planning on renting for a bit and are trying to decide whats more important.. space or neighborhood.. i'm starting to lean towards space which puts us in brooklyn.. land of the hipsters..
work work work.. with everything going on i still have a real job and am particularly busy at this time..
i will be better.. i need a place to start savin g my home inspiration.. so this may be a home blog for a bit..

1 comment:

theRachel said...

I would be entirely supportive of hearing your home musings.

Why the fierce workout regime? Are you training for something?

Wherever you move, I hope to one day return to NYC for a visit...I will come knock on your door then!