for sale

our listing is up.. we had our first open house on sunday and have another this weekend..
we move out next saturday (as you can tell by the picture, i succeeded in getting rid of pretty much everything, so moving will be a breeze!)

i went a little nuts and made open house cookies.. i justify it as necessary because then i can gauge how many people are coming through
no, you're right.. still totally overboard..


theRachel said...

Cookies - nice touch. Did you get any feedback from the folks that came through re: the cookies?

practical, schmactical said...

beautiful home! do you mind if i forward the listing to a family member up north who's searching?

p.s. it never ceases to amaze me that the price of living in the city is the same as having an open water view 3 bed 2 bath home in the Caribbean!!

JOY said...

p,s.. of course you can forward to your family member.. awesome!
my mom loves to remind me that the rent of my new 1100 sq ft apartment is ridiculously more than the mortgage for her big house + big yard + big garage + big deck. blah blah blah..

.. though i love that my mom always mentions that she'd rather pay the rent in NY than her mortgage in marysville...

practical, schmactical said...

its true! you can't have one without the other, what the carib is lacking the city has and vice versa. i'm an island baby but i would love to throw myself in to the city for a few years.

JOY said...

p,s: ummm.. are you thinking what im thinking?!

house swap!