the thing i love about spring is its still fairly chilly out but you can definitely feel the warmth in the air.. vs fall where its still warm but the air is getting cold.. (that doesn't make any sense does it..) i've also been a bit obsessed with the cherry blossoms everywhere.. trying to figure out if i can grow a tree on my new roof deck..

the thing i don't love about spring is people sneezing..
as a non believer im not one to say 'bless you'.. i can't help but feel a little rude for not acknowledging the 1/10 orgasm someone just had in front of me but what can i say?
gesundheit? german for 'health' ... too masculine..
bai sui? chinese ' may you live 100 years' ... i don't wish that long of a life on anyone..

maybe i should just go with
are you okay? or
good for you! or, if appropriate
you've got something hanging out of your nose


theRachel said...

"uh, you've got a bat in the cave."

Avid Reader said...

This post just cracked me up. My boss is the loudest sneezer I've ever met. After he sneezes I always want to make sure he's still alive.

Ms Fran said...

The French is sweet:

A vos souhaits

it literally means may your wishes come true.