i may not have mentioned this before but my highschool reunion is coming up..
the really superficial one where you hope everyone got fat.. 10 year.
so im starting to think about what to wear..
i generally don't care for much of what emily puts together (don't get me wrong, i'm all about her food posts) but she tweeted this the other day and i was sort of into it.. not totally sold on the back but may go with something along these lines..
that is unless i can find a cocktail-y version of carrie mulligan's oscar dress... of course.


cevd said...

just go straight up mulligan style. that would be awesome.

our reunion was last year (sort of) 7 people showed, neither mas nor i were part of it. we saw pictures. i don't remember high school all that fondly.

// S said...

good luck with the reunion. mine was last year... the organization team ended up choosing to host it in a pub... not exactly mulligan appropriate. i lasted about an hour. i hope yours is fab!

east side bride said...

I HATED MY REUNION. I hate people. "Why did she bother going? And on her birthday weekend no less?" you are no doubt asking yourself.